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No-code business intelligence and data analytics platform for community financial institutions.

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Data to the people:

Clear Core reveals the hidden data analyst in everyone by making information easier to access and and explore. Using the power of intelligent automation your data becomes more valuable, silos are broken down, and you can start seeing results in days not months or years.


Our Services

At Clear Core we use automation and artificial intelligence to deliver an entire business intelligence and data science team to you securely in the cloud. 

Already have a data warehouse? Visualization tools?
Analytical models? If so, ask us how you can improve your internal reporting and analytics without changing systems.
Your data team will thank you.
Analysing data

Implementation & Project Support

Get your vendors, consultants, auditors,  IT and business intelligence teams the data they need.

Our 3rd-gen database technology can query data up to 60x's faster; turning data tasks from hours into minutes.

NEW: DRIVE Cloud Platform

DRIVE is a cutting-edge data virtualization platform that cleans, enriches, and secures your data for faster answers to your daily questions and long-term goals.


DRIVE is designed to deliver data democratization to your institution - enabling decision makers at all levels to make smarter decisions by taking data directly from your core systems.

From C-suite to the front line: get answers to questions both simple and complex without the need for complicated or tech-heavy processes.

Data Clarity Processing

Transform your current reporting,  insight, and analytics processes by improving the quality and accessibility of your data. Clean data delivers more intuitive reports and more powerful analytics.

Our unique schema is focused on understanding the individual - allowing for more provocative and applicable insight. Refine and enrich the fuel for your existing data engine with Data Clarity Processing.


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