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Clear Core has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation. We're actively studying the pain points of community financial institutions and will publish our findings later this year.

Want to be part of the study? The interviews take about 20 minutes and are done remotely. All interviews are confidential and the data will be anonymized.

Volunteer for the study via this SurveyMonkey form

Better Decisions Faster:

At Clear Core we believes in making the human element the focus of data and analytics. Clear Core leverages artificial intelligence to center your data  on a real person - not just a number. But we don't stop there. We remove the cost and technology barriers that stand in the way of allowing institutions, of all sizes, get the right answers to the  right questions at the right time. Clear Core increases the value of your data by making it cleaner, more accessible, and more usable in the real world


Our Services

Already have a data warehouse? Visualization tools?
Analytical models? If so, ask us how you can improve your internal data experience without changing systems.
Your data team will thank you.

Implementation & Project Support

Get your vendors, consultants, auditors,  IT and business intelligence teams the data they need.

Our 3rd-gen database technology can query data up to 60x's faster; turning data tasks from hours into minutes.


Data Refinement Interface & Visualization Extension.


DRIVE is designed to deliver data democratization to your institution - enabling decision makers at all levels to make smarter decisions.

From C-suite to the front line: get answers to questions both simple and complex without the need for complicated or tech-heavy processes.

Coming in Fall 2020:


You can finally be proactive in preventing fraud with our proprietary machine learning and data augmentation networks. Clear Core allows you to turn info into action like never before.  Manage claims, recover funds, and protect members 18 X's better than the competition.  Cut your overhead and fraud losses in half with our robust suite of anti-fraud solutions.

Data Clarity Processing

Transform your current reporting,  insight, and analytics processes by improving the quality and accessibility of your data. Clean data delivers more intuitive reports and more powerful analytics.

Our unique schema is focused on understanding the individual - allowing for more provocative and applicable insight. Refine and enrich the fuel for your existing data engine with Data Clarity Processing.


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